7 Space Saving Tips for Small Bathrooms

Bathroom tips ncLarge and luxurious is the current trend in bathrooms. In older homes with typical small, functional baths, smart renovations can maximize the use of the space and increase the future sale value of your home. Here are 7 space saving remodeling tips to consider for small baths.

• Replace large tubs with a custom tiled shower or “Eurobath.” Tiled showers can be designed to fit the available space. Eurobaths utilize the entire bathroom space for the shower by incorporating a floor drain. Both options can replace the need for a shower curtain or door which take up unnecessary space. 

• Opt for a pedestal, console or wall-mounted sink in place of a vanity with cabinets. Choosing the best option for the space parameters in your bath area can visually open up the room.

• Choose light colors for paint, tile and flooring to enhance the feeling of space. Consistency of color on the floor and walls creates an uninterrupted visual plane, making the space appear larger.

• Explore non-traditional storage options such as stackable drawers, shelves mounted over the toilet, or a cabinet/bench seat combination at the end of the tub or shower. Remove the closet door and use baskets to sort and organize linens and toiletries on the open shelves.

• Install a skylight to add height and natural light to open up the space.

• Replace swinging entry/exit doors with sliding pocket doors.

• Simplify accessories and decorative items. Choose simple fixtures that match the style of the bathroom and remove unnecessary clutter.

Bath Remodeling – Apex, Cary, Morrisville

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